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OLLI Lightroom / Photoshop User Group Meeting Notes 5/19/17

Our fourth user group meeting had 7 in attendance.

We discussed:

  • Raw vs. Jpeg file formats, advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • Lightroom White Balance adjustment.
  • Exporting images from Lightroom.
  • Start to finish photo edit tutorial by Matt Kloskowski
  • Lightroom and Photoshop workflow dos and don’ts.
  • 6 online videos were shown with discussion afterwards.(links below)

Raw vs Jpeg Files


 Using Lightrooms eyedropper tool for white balance adjustment.


      How to set White balance in Lightroom


Lightroom CC exporting images


Lightroom and Photoshop workflow


       Start to finish photo edit (Matt Kloskowski)

Next month’s meeting will be held on June 16th at the OLLI building. Check the front table for location if we are not in the Auditorium.

We will discuss and Demo Keywording strategies on and after importing photos to Lightroom and use of the Lightroom Mobile app for taking and uploading cell phone photos to your desktop computer.

An hour at the end of the meeting will be available to work with anyone who needs help with Lightroom from our experienced users.


OLLI Lightroom / Photoshop User Group Meeting Notes 4/21/17

Our third user group meeting had 9 in attendance.
We discussed :
• Lightroom backup strategies.
• The need for some sort of structured training to get started in Lightroom.
• Various Lightroom publications.
• 4 online videos were shown with discussion afterwards.(below)

Link to the fourth video are not working. Here’s a link to the Tony & Chelsea Northrup web site instead:

Training links:

The Lightroom Queen (a great place to start is her free ebook)
Anthony Morganti Lightroom 6 training videos Lightroom training
Julieanne Kost
Laura Shoe
I’ve been using this program for backing up files and folders on my home computer to a portable hard drive:
The next meeting will be on May 19th in the OLLI auditorium or an upstairs classroom. (Check the lobby sign in sheet as you enter.) We will explore some Lightroom workflow videos and discuss pros and cons.
Also we will look at some more quick edits of various kinds of photos.
We will run the meeting from 1-3pm and reserve 3-4pm for hands on help using your laptop. Try to narrow what you want help with down to a few specific things.

OLLI Lightroom / Photoshop User Group Meeting Notes 3/17/17

The second meeting of the OLLI Lightroom / Photoshop User Group was held on 3/17/2017.

8 in attendance.

We discussed:

  • Photo import, File renaming and File structure in the Lightroom catalog.
  • Recent changes and updates to Lightroom CC.
  • Various Lightroom publications.
  • Four online videos were shown with discussion afterward:

(Click to jump to videos)

Lightroom CC & 6 Organization, Nicholas Pappagallo

Lightroom Tutorial: Importing, File Renaming & Destination, The Image Flow

Lightroom CC – Importing Images From a Camera, Jullianne Kost

Lightroom to Photoshop Workflow Tip (Photoshop Smart Object), Piximperfect


Lightroom books discussed & examined:

“The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC/Lightroom 6 Book”, by Martin Evening

“Lightroom CC made easy”, Dave Kelly,

” Lightroom CC/6, The Missing FAQ” ,Virginia Bampton

Available here:

Also available on the Lightroom Queen website a Free Quickstart guide for Lightroom.


Some other videos about Lightroom Organization (Homework assignment?):

Adobe Lightroom: The Library Module, Order from Chaos, Tim Cooper

Cleaning up your Mess in Lightroom 6, Tim Grey

Lightroom CC- Organizing Your Photographs, Juieanne Kost


Next Meeting Friday 4/21/2017 at the OLLI auditorium

Please bring a favorite Lightroom / Photoshop book for show and tell, if you’d like.

We will continue discussing Catalog setup, Photo import, the Library Module and backup strategies.