Lightroom / Photoshop User Group Meeting Notes 2/16/18

NOTE: The meeting time has been changed to 2:00 pm

Our Thirteenth user group meeting had 3 in attendance.

We discussed:

  • Lumensia Photoshop plugin, see below for info.
  • Topaz Remask
  • Watched 5 tips video on Lightroom Landscapes (Zack Schnepf)
  • Watched video on how to create precise masks in Lightroom (Klaus Herrmann)
  • Watched Lightroom Quick Edit video (YuriFineart)
  • Watched Lightroom Quick Tips video,  editing Plugin defaults  (Anthony Morganti)
  • Watched Lightroom Color Tool use (Matt Kloskowski)
  • Watched Photoshop Patch Tool Guide video (PIXimperfect)
  • Watched What’s new in Lightroom (Feb 2018) (Matt Kloskowski)
  • Ideas for future meeting subject matter.

5 Tips to Improve your Landscape Photos

How to create precise masks in Lightroom

Lightroom quick Edit

Lightroom Quick Tips Episode 135

The Lightroom Color Tool

Photoshop Patch Tool Guide

What’s new in Lightroom (February 2018)

Next month’s meeting will be held on March 16th at the OLLI building. Check the front table for location if we are not in the Auditorium.

NOTE: The meeting time has been changed to 2:00 pm.

We will look at some more Lightroom and Photoshop quick tips, recent Lightroom and Photoshop program changes,  we may view more of the Ultimate Lightroom Course lessons.


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