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Lightroom / Photoshop User Group Meeting Notes 10/20/17

Our Ninth user group meeting had 4 in attendance.

We discussed:

  • Matt Kloskowski’s Lightroom video course (Ultimate Lightroom Course). On Sept. 28  a new version “The Lightroom System” will replace this. Link below:
  • How to use Lightroom Presets (video below)
  • Q&A episode 13 Anthony Morganti (video below)
  • Three Lightroom tricks (video below)
  • Five Lightroom secrets (video below)
  • Photoshop for Lightroom users, Matt Kloskowski (video below)

How to use Lightroom Presets

Q&A episode 13 Anthony Morganti

Three Lightroom tricks

Top 5 Lightroom secrets

Photoshop for Lightroom users

Next month’s meeting will be held on Nov. 17 at the OLLI building. Check the front table for location if we are not in the Auditorium.

We will look at some more Lightroom and Photoshop quick tips, recent Lightroom and Photoshop program changes (These are significant) and view more of the Ultimate Lightroom Course lessons.

An hour at the end of the meeting will be available to work with anyone who needs help with Lightroom from our experienced users.


PSA – 1st round Competition

If you are a club member and wish to participate in the 1st round of the new PSA Competition, the deadline is this Friday (October 20, 2017). Email up to 2  resized photos (Horizontal images will be no more than 1024 pixels wide or 768 pixels tall. Vertical images will be no more than 768 pixels tall. ) to Otto Kohler ( no later than Oct 20th.

Click here for guidelines for PSA’s competitions.

8th Annual Member Show Exhibit is Open

The 8th Annual Member Show Exhibit is open for the public to view Monday thru Thursdays 8 am – 4:00 pm at the Charles K. Cheezem Education Center, Thomas Green Blvd, on the square in Patrick Square, Clemson, SC.

We held our Member Show’s opening reception last night (Oct 16th – our regular scheduled meeting time). We had a great turnout. Thank you everyone for bringing food and refreshments. We also thank those members who came on Friday afternoon to help hang the show!

To view the 8th Annual Member Exhibit online, click here.