OLLI Lightroom / Photoshop User Group Meeting Notes 6/16/17

We discussed:

  • Importance of keywording photos in Lightroom.
  • Use of the keywording utilities in Lightroom.
  • Keywording on import vs. afterwards.
  • Start to finish photo edit tutorials by Matt Kloskowski & YuriFineart
  • Lightroom Mobile and associated training videos.
  • 6 online videos were shown with discussion afterwards.(links below)

Keywording photos (Laurence Baker)


 Keywording Quick Tips (Anthony Morganti)


 Using Spraycan to keyword photos  


Lightroom Mobile tutorial (Matt Kloskowski) first free lesson of 10


Lightroom photo edit (YuriFineart)


 Start to finish photo edit with some Photoshop(Matt Kloskowski)


Next month’s meeting will be held on July 21 at the OLLI building. Check the front table for location if we are not in the Auditorium.

We will continue discussing Lightroom Mobile and its cell phone apps, look at Collections and Smart collections in Lightroom and spend some time on Color Lookup Tables in Photoshop (Don’t be scared it’s easy).

An hour at the end of the meeting will be available to work with anyone who needs help with Lightroom from our experienced users.


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