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OLLI Lightroom / Photoshop User Group Meeting Notes 4/21/17

Our third user group meeting had 9 in attendance.
We discussed :
• Lightroom backup strategies.
• The need for some sort of structured training to get started in Lightroom.
• Various Lightroom publications.
• 4 online videos were shown with discussion afterwards.(below)

Link to the fourth video are not working. Here’s a link to the Tony & Chelsea Northrup web site instead:

Training links:

The Lightroom Queen (a great place to start is her free ebook)
Anthony Morganti Lightroom 6 training videos Lightroom training
Julieanne Kost
Laura Shoe
I’ve been using this program for backing up files and folders on my home computer to a portable hard drive:
The next meeting will be on May 19th in the OLLI auditorium or an upstairs classroom. (Check the lobby sign in sheet as you enter.) We will explore some Lightroom workflow videos and discuss pros and cons.
Also we will look at some more quick edits of various kinds of photos.
We will run the meeting from 1-3pm and reserve 3-4pm for hands on help using your laptop. Try to narrow what you want help with down to a few specific things.

CJ Elfont to speak on Mirrorless Cameras – April 17th @ 5pm

CJ Elfont will speak to the Photoclub on Mirrorless Cameras. We will have a number of them to try after the presentation. Please bring your own camera (whatever you have) and a tripod. Plan on taking a photo with your camera, removing the memory card and placing it into one of the mirrorless cameras and taking the same photo and comparing the quality of the exact two photos once you get home.

Our assignment is Musicians. Please upload up to 2 photos to our Member Gallery. You must be a dues paying member to do so.

See you on Monday!

March 17th Meeting

The Clemson Photo Club invited Chuck Peterson to present: Photographing Amphibians/Reptiles & iNATURALIST – an application to explore and connect with Nature. Chuck is a biological sciences professor at Idaho State University and an Affiliate Curator of Herpetology for the Idaho Museum of Natural History. During a current sabbatical he is working on a citizen science project utilizing the iNaturalist mobile application to document the occurrence of amphibians and reptiles in Idaho. Much of his work has centered on reptile populations on Idaho’s Snake River Plain and on amphibian populations in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. He is an avid nature photographer and seeks to use his photography to conserve and restore amphibian and reptile species and their habitats. iNaturalist is available for all to connect with Nature and explore and share your observations from the natural world. It is worth looking at the site. You have the option to explore the site.

Congratulations to Del Kimbler, Russ Carlson, and Barbara Whitney with accepted works into the Blue Ridge Arts Center Juried Photo Exhibition. Show is up until April 28, Gallery is open Wednesday – Friday, 1:00 – 4:30 and Saturdays 10;00 -1:00. Russ Carlson’s work ”Abandoned Train Station” was featured in one-half page of the Daily Journal/Tribune on Thursday, March 16, 2017.

Thanks go to OTTO KOHLER for leading the OLLI Lightroom/Photoshop Users Group. They met March 17th with seven members present. Visit the CPC Web site for all the information given. Contact Otto Kohler if you are interested in joining this group (

Anderson Arts Center Annual Juried Art Show- Submit Ready to Hang Entries due for submission March 30, April 1,2 and the show runs April 14- May 26, 2017. Web site:

Clemson Arts Center 12 x 12 Open Exhibition – May 4 – June 10, 2017 Web Site:

May 15 Critique:

Del Kimbler will do a critique of your Photo at our regularly scheduled May 15th meeting. We can go ahead and submit a photo to the Clemson Photo Club Website Download to the CPC web site: Galeries: Critiques


  • Thank you Dianne DeMont for being our PSA Representative for the past two years.
  • Thank you Carolyn Collmer for being our NEW PSA Representative. If you would like to help with judging, learn about the criteria, email Carolyn:
  • April 15, 2017 is the deadline to enter the PSA contest for the May 1st Submission. Email your submission to Otto Kohler ( The size requirements are on the CPC website. All submissions will be judged and six entries will be chosen to represent the Clemson Photo Club in the PSA-PID division Contest.

April 17, 2017 CPC Meeting
Speaker: CJ Elf0nt Speaking on Mirror-less / Micro four thirds Camera’s.

If you own a micro four thirds camera please bring it with a tripod if you would like. Some photographers are selling their heavy large and bulky DSLR’s and switching to this format camera.

Next Month Assignment: Musicians