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OLLI Lightroom / Photoshop User Group Meeting Notes 3/17/17

The second meeting of the OLLI Lightroom / Photoshop User Group was held on 3/17/2017.

8 in attendance.

We discussed:

  • Photo import, File renaming and File structure in the Lightroom catalog.
  • Recent changes and updates to Lightroom CC.
  • Various Lightroom publications.
  • Four online videos were shown with discussion afterward:

(Click to jump to videos)

Lightroom CC & 6 Organization, Nicholas Pappagallo

Lightroom Tutorial: Importing, File Renaming & Destination, The Image Flow

Lightroom CC – Importing Images From a Camera, Jullianne Kost

Lightroom to Photoshop Workflow Tip (Photoshop Smart Object), Piximperfect


Lightroom books discussed & examined:

“The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC/Lightroom 6 Book”, by Martin Evening

“Lightroom CC made easy”, Dave Kelly,

” Lightroom CC/6, The Missing FAQ” ,Virginia Bampton

Available here:

Also available on the Lightroom Queen website a Free Quickstart guide for Lightroom.


Some other videos about Lightroom Organization (Homework assignment?):

Adobe Lightroom: The Library Module, Order from Chaos, Tim Cooper

Cleaning up your Mess in Lightroom 6, Tim Grey

Lightroom CC- Organizing Your Photographs, Juieanne Kost


Next Meeting Friday 4/21/2017 at the OLLI auditorium

Please bring a favorite Lightroom / Photoshop book for show and tell, if you’d like.

We will continue discussing Catalog setup, Photo import, the Library Module and backup strategies.