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Lightroom & Photoshop Users Group Mtg. Feb 17

-We discussed what the primary meeting content should be. Some instruction will be necessary to get the majority of the group to a level of proficiency using Lightroom. My preference for this is a mix of video instruction and one on one demonstration. The better online instructors (We know who they are) are more experienced and organized than most of our members. Their videos are better than anything we could produce and are entertaining. Users questions are best answered after a presentation or one on one and we will provide time for that.

-Watching some instructional videos on your own and editing a few hundred pictures will get most people 80 percent of what they need to get started in Lightroom, Photoshop may be a different story.

-At the next meeting there will be a short (not more than ½ hour) presentation on setting up the Lightroom Catalog and importing pictures, followed by experienced members working with those that want help.

-Weblinks to video instruction and free ebooks will also be provided.

– The Photoshop piece of the User group will need some help from experienced users to provide interest to both experienced and novice users. The groups may separate during the meetings or have a separate meeting. We will evolve, if no one steps up to coordinate Photoshop discussions we will drop the Photoshop piece. (Sorry, I have limits and have practice saying NO to unreasonable demands.)

-A discussion on how Adobe Photoshop Elements fits in with what we plan on doing was held. There are many similarities and shared capabilities between all three programs (and many other editing programs) but we simply can’t cover everything and don’t intend to try. That said, moving back and forth between Lightroom, Photoshop, ON1, Google Nik, and others probably be discussion topics as we go.

Otto’s responsibilities include:

  • Publish meeting notes to the Club website by a Blog entry and email.
  • Include any Weblinks discussed or used during the meetings.
  • Schedule meetings and coordinate with OLLI as space requirements change.
  • Present information on recent Lightroom changes and updates.
  • Maintain a Lightroom reference section on the Club webpage.

Here are links to the two videos shown during the meeting:

Ed Gregory: Quickstart Guide

Terry White 6 favorite Lightroom Features

One other video (for everybody) I mentioned on organizing:

Tim Grey Cleaning up your mess in Lightroom

The next meeting will be held on Friday March 17th at 1:00 pm in the OLLI auditorium unless otherwise notified.


Renowned guest speaker, Mark Buckler

Mark Buckler, renowned photographic instructor and wildlife biologist will be our guest speaker at Monday’s meeting (February 20th) @ 5:00 at OLLI (Cheezem Education Center on Patrick Square). Mark Buckler has been actively documenting nature for over 30 years. He was born on Cape Cod, MA and his passion for photography was ignited and honed in this area of natural our beauty. In 2005, Mark moved to the Outer Banks of NC, where he continues to reside and pursue his passion for nature, wildlife and landscape photography. Mark’s degree in wildlife biology from the University of Vermont and his extensive experience as a wildlife field biologist provides him with a deep understanding of nature and animal behavior. This knowledge enhances Mark’s ability to capture unique and interesting nature images and also put his workshop clients into the right spots to capture the most compelling images. Read more >

Our assignment for this month is:  Curves. Please upload 2 photos to our assignments folder in the Member Galleries ( ).

Call for Entries – Blue Ridge Arts Center National Photography Exhibition

The Blue Ridge Arts Center is calling for entries for their National Juried Photography Exhibition. The show opens March 17 and closes April 28, 2017. The Blue Ridge Arts Center’s Photography Exhibition is open to all photographers in the United States. This exhibit is held in the Blue Ridge Arts Center Gallery, located at 111 E. South Second Street in Seneca, South Carolina. Check out for information on submitting up to 3 works for consideration. Deadline is February 16th.

February 15 deadline for PSA competition

Our next PSA competition deadline is:   Feb. 15th for the Mar. 1st competition

Qualifications for Images – Each image must have the following maximum size:
Horizontal images will be no more than 1024 pixels wide or 768 pixels tall. Vertical images will be no more than 768 pixels tall. (Unless your image proportions are in the exact ratio of 4 to 3, one of these dimensions will be less than the maximum. The images will be projected as received, as long as not over the maximum.)

Save the file in jpeg format only. (There are no file size restrictions.)
sRGB color space is recommended for optimum results. File name restrictions are only those that are designated on the entry web page. The web site will send an automatic response back to the representative, confirming entry. If entries are submitted after the closing date for the competition, they may be refused acceptance.

Submitting images – Once you have resized your photos per the above specifications, please email your photos to Otto Kohler ( by the deadline dates shown above.