Monthly Archives: August 2016

August 15, 2016 meeting

We had a great meeting on August 15th. Del’s critique was great as always. Thank you, Del!

Facebook Page

We now have a Facebook page thanks to Jack Fanning, one of our newer club members. This will help us communicate for meetups and photo ops.  If you are a Facebook user and want to become a member of the group to keep up with outings, please click on the link below and request to be added.

For those who signed up last night at the meeting, you will also need to click on the link and request to be added. Jack was not able to add you himself.

New Website – still old address:

The Member Show information document and Entry form are on the website under Membership and then click on Member Exhibit. If you have trouble logging into the Galleries, please let me know.

I still have some things to finish on the website, but it is operating well I believe.

Blog  – We also have a Blog on the site (guess since you may be reading this, you have discovered that already!). I have not ever blogged so am not experienced although I think it should be easy enough. If you have any items you want to put on the blog, submit it, and a moderator will approve the post. Do we have any volunteers who would like to keep up with the blog? Any suggestions/comments/edits that you have, please let me know.