Welcome to the

Clemson Photo Club


We are a group of professional and amateur photographers who meet once a month to discuss, learn, and talk about everything related to photography.

Welcome to our club website. Please browse the site and learn what will be useful and helpful to you. The text links at left will take you to the major segments of the site, and may be browsed by all visitors and members. Most are self-explanatory, but a few hints might be helpful. Member Galleries contain photos submitted by club members. These may be browsed by all, but only members may upload photos or make comments on photos. Members must register in Member Galleries to fully participate; some help is found on the entry page there. Tutorials include the ability to ask questions and discuss. While registration is not required, un-registered visitors will be required to provide name and email address to make comments. Our calendar is a Google calendar, and contains links to some event web pages around the state, but especially the upstate. People who use Google calendar may copy calendar items into their own calendar, and all may print our calendar. Upcoming opportunities to exhibit or partitipate in projects are listed in the Opportunities page.The Contact page has email addresses for club officers. Click on our logo to return here.

We hope our site is useful, and we welcome your participation and suggestions. You may suggest improvements to the site by email to info@clemsonphotoclub.com. We plan quarterly reviews of the site, and will consider your suggestions as part of that review. Enjoy your time here, and we hope you find it helpful.